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After a certain age, a lot of people complain of joint pains confining physical activities during daily chores of life, especially walking. Hip pain is one of the most common reasons causing such pains. All thanks to the advance medical treatments in India, hip replacement surgeries are easier and hassle free bringing a sigh of relief. Hip replacement surgery is often performed on patients aged fifty and above due to deformation of hip joint that causes pain, unless in case of any damage to the joint during an accident. In India, hip replacement surgery is performed cost effectively by replacing the damaged joint with an artificial metal joint. It relieves the patients of chronic pain and gives them access to all normal chores in their routine.

Initially, the symptoms range from pains to discomfort during day to day movements. The surgeons refrain from immediate surgery and try alternatives such as inflammatory medicines to ease the pain. However, in case the initial steps do not cause relief, then hip replacement surgery is the ultimate solution. An orthopedic surgeon examines the root cause of the pains, the damaged joint and the body immunity through X-rays and other tests, prior to suggesting a joint replacement surgery. Precautionary measures such as low movements like bending, sitting on floor crossing legs, etc. are advised to ensure the patient does not face problems before getting operated.

Rising success rates due to skilled surgeons and recovery period care is one of the major reasons, after low cost surgery of course, why foreigners prefer getting the surgery done in India. Foreign patients can avail unblemished treatment by best surgeons with state of the art facilities make the surgery flawless. The western country patients can get the best treatment and surgery at half the rate in India, than what they would pay in their own land. No or limited side-effects post surgery with a mystique staycation in the country known for rich culture and heritage is an added benefit for sure.

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